Dreamcatcher is an animation studio that aspires to make every project count. Storytelling is an art and of done well, serves as the most effective way by which people around the world can share emotional experiences.

We - the artists animators and story tellers of Studio Dreamcatcher understand that, and we strive to tell the tales that are closest to our heart.

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Concept Generation

We generate content for short films, TV series, and other animation projects in all genres and for every age group.

Character Designing

Our character design team is adept at creating characters specifically for games, films, web and comics.


We are in the constant process of honing our storyboard skills so as to help you deliver your story with the maximum impact.

Concept art

Helping our client set the look and feel of their films has always been our area of special interest

Visual scripting

Setting the color keys for every key moment gives you a better idea of how your entire movie is going to look before you even start making it

2D Animation

We handle tradition 2D animation projects as well as digital animation projects in Toonboom and Flash

Launching soon. Please visit later.

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